The new Talenthouse Visual Trends Report 2023, formerly from EyeEm by Talenthouse, is now available. It's an amalgamation of visual trends from experts across the Talenthouse group and now goes further than photography.

We’re encompassing so many more creative mediums, and presenting a robust offering of visuals, artwork and creative opportunities for your business.

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Freedom means something different in today’s times, and has emerged as a constant need and presence throughout every trend we dissect in this report. In 2023 we’re ready to embrace freedom of expression, of identity, of beliefs and of love.

Freedom means so much to so many, and to feel free is to feel truly empowered. We don’t feel as though Freedom is a trend per se, but rather the overarching connector between everything that we mention in the report. It is our guiding light, and the core of every trend discussed.


Solar Punk

Our fight for climate change has evolved to the next phase. We know more, we want more, and we are more knowledgeable. Our visuals need to be specific, effective and bold. This is where Solar Punk as a creative community movement comes in.



Active Optimism is about welcoming an intention to foster imagination, as a way of stepping back from hopelessness and building resilience. It's an appreciation of our environment and allowing the freedom to be vulnerable and use our imaginations.


Soft Fascination

The psychological concept of Soft Fascination is linked to a wealth of absentmindedness and wellbeing and it is where an authentic source of creativity can be found. It charges us and gives us a deep well of optimism. How does that feed into how brands engage creativity?


chaos of

Early adopters of AI (both as creatives and as brands who welcome the work generated by AI) will influence the future iterations of the technology and its expressive ability. As the technology advances, it provides random chaos of creativity with a bigger canvas and more freedom to flourish.

@Nataliya Smirnova


Red gives us a sense of urgency for things to come. But what if that was a beacon for a creative future led by a decentralized world? What if red is the color leading a revolution? We believe that the energy invoking colour symbolizes protest, a sense of system overload and need for a new direction.


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